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WINGS announces data charter website and interactive map

WINGS announces data charter website and interactive map

Posted By WINGS, Monday, September 08, 2014

Announcing two exciting network updates from Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support!


Is Your NPO Protected Against Litigation?

Is Your NPO Protected Against Litigation?

Although civil actions involving NPOs are rare in South Africa, the corporate landscape in South Africa has changed in line with greater global emphasis on good governance, increasing the likelihood of litigation in the future.


Shelagh Gastrow on the "NGO Crisis" in South Africa.

Shelagh Gastrow on the

Recent media reports suggest renewed interest in the fact that South African NPOs are under pressure from both funders and the government. By some calculations as many as 25% all of South African organisations within the last year alone have been forced to close their doors. 


"Rhino Girl" meets with President Zuma


2013 Inyathelo Philanthropy Awardee, Afeefah Patel, met with president Jacob Zuma recently.  Ann7 News arranged the meeting, almost two years after the then seven year-old Afeefah wrote to President Zuma asking him to “look after the rhinos”. 



South Africa's NGO Crisis

South Africa's NGO Crisis

According to the Orion Organisation and the Cape Town Society for the Blind, 30 percent of South Africa’s 122 000 registered non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were forced to close in 2013.


Read the Latest Issue of Advance: The Inyathelo Newsletter

The August 2014 issue of Advance is available. discover the newest Inythelo reports, publications and resources, as well as articles of interst relating to South African civil society.


Getting Resourceful on Strategy and Planning

Getting Resourceful on Strategy and Planning

Every month in 2014 Inyathelo hosts a #GetResourceful session on one of the Ten Elements of Advancement. The August offering was STRATEGY AND PLANNING!  


Inyathelo's Advancement Academy 2014

Inyathelo's Advancement Academy 2014

The 2014 Advancement Academy for HEIs and NPOs welcomed new and seasoned Advancement practitioners working in the non-profit sector and in higher education institutions for two days of Advancement and fundraising learning. 


In Memory of James McGregor, a True Philanthropist.

Cape Town philanthropist James McGregor of Kenilworth passed away recently at the age of 69. For his tireless work over many years to uplift the Westlake community in Cape Town, James McGregor is the recipient of the 2013 Inyathelo Award for Lifetime Philanthropy.


Getting Resourceful on External Relationships!

Getting Resourceful on External Relationships!

This month’s Get Resourceful session focused on External Relationships, one of Inyathelo’s Ten Building Blocks for Advancement. Some 40 attendees from the Cape Town NPO community packed into the Inyathelo boardroom in Woodstock. Cape Town TV also filmed the proceedings.


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